7 Bluetooth Multiplayer Cell Phone Games, Perfect for a Quota-Free Night Out

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One of the most popular games is multiplayer games. This Bluetooth multiplayer cell phone game is perfect to play during leisure time. It will be more fun, if played with close friends or family.

In playing this game, gamers do not need a laptop. Simply using a cell phone, one can play this type of multiplayer game easily and comfortably. To be able to play together, make sure the players turn on bluetooth or wifi.

This multiplayer game is not boring, because there are many features or menus that will help players play it. For more details, here are some multiplayer games that can be used as a reference for players:

1. Hago Games

In this Hago game, players need stable internet power in order to play with friends. So, players must connect wifi and invite friends to join the Hago game. There are tons of games in it, so players will not feel bored.

Some of the games in Hago include Sheep Fight, general knowledge contest, Fun Link, Knif Hit and many more. Players can freely choose which game to play. All the games in Hago are very exciting.

There are quite a few features that players can utilize to help win the game. One feature that players often use is chat. This feature will make it easier for players to communicate with playmates. How fun is that?

2. Ludo King

The next bluetooth multiplayer cell phone game is Ludo King. Actually, this game can be played alone. But if played alone it will be quite difficult. It will be easier and more fun if this game is played together with friends or family.

This Ludo King game has a game concept similar to old school ludo. The difference is, this type of Ludo King game has a more modern way of playing. For users who do not have internet can play this game offline. Easy isn’t it?

When using offline mode, players can directly invite partners to play up to 6 people in one room. This is different when players use online mode. Players can collaborate by inviting friends to play Ludo King up to 9 friends.

3. Bombsquad

The next bluetooth multiplayer game that is quite famous is Bombsquad. This one is a mini version of the multiplayer game. Actually this game is very simple so it is easy to play. So that many beginners are happy with the Bompsquad game.

How to play the Bompsquad game is that players are asked to throw various bombs at the opponent. Friends invited to play here can be opponents. For this game, players can invite friends to play and collaborate with up to 8 people in one match.

There are quite a few characters that players can use in playing this game. Some of these characters include pirates, ninjas, crazy chefs and many more. Each of these characters, of course, has its own characteristics that can be obtained by players. Interested in trying it out?

4. Terraria

The next bluetooth multiplayer HP game that is also favored by many people is Terraria. This game is included in the best multiplayer game category. Terraria itself is a game that carries an adventurous theme and presents a very unique concept that also does not bore players.

There are about 450 types of enemies ready to fight with the main character. In addition, the main character will also be faced with dozens of very strong bosses. Players can play solo or invite friends. To make it more interesting, we recommend playing with friends.

To collaborate with friends, players simply need to connect this Terraria game with wifi. Once invited, friends will be able to join the game. For those who don’t have Terraria, prospective players can get it through the apps store available on android.


The next bluetooth multiplayer HP game that can be used as a reference is NBA JAM. Based on the naming, this game carries the theme of basketball sports. In the NBA JAM game, players will be made frantic by the situation so that it will make players bother.

However, it is actually fun for players. Plus, the graphics and visuals are unique and cute. Players will not feel bored while in this game. In playing NBA JAM, players will focus on 2 – player matches.

It only takes a slightly crazy sheet to be able to complete the NBA JAM game. This one is even more fun, when played with friends or family.

6. Asphalt 8: Airbone

This multiplayer game carries a car racing theme that can already be played through android devices. In order to play the Asphalt 8: Airbone game, one needs to connect to a wifi network. This one game is a series of the best multiplayer games.

How to play on Asphalt 8: Airbone is that players are required to be able to drive a car at high speed. So that players can later get the highest order in a row of other players. In driving, players must maintain personal safety.

There are so many advantages that can be obtained when playing the Asphalt 8: Airbone game. Players will be shown a very unique and capable graphic display. In addition, this game is also equipped with features that will help players win the match.

7. Pool Break Pro

This next bluetooth multiplayer HP game is also very interesting. This game is very suitable to be played by users who are relaxing. Because Pool Break Pro does not really need a special strategy, so it doesn’t really squeeze the brain. Pool Break game flow is also fairly easy.

Players will be given a billiard board and are required to play on it. Pool Break Pro comes with 3D graphics that are pretty awesome. The features contained in Pool Break Pro are also quite numerous, and advanced enough to be played against enemies.

This one game is very suitable to be played from various age groups. To be able to play this game, players must first get the application. Prospective players can get Pool Break Pro through the apps store available on android. How? Are you interested in trying this multiplayer game?

That’s 7 bluetooth multiplayer cell phone games that can be used as knowledge and reference for prospective users. The collection of multiplayer games certainly has its own pluses and minuses. Each of these games also has very interesting features that can be used to help players win matches.

To be able to win matches in these multiplayer games requires diligence and hard work from players. Collect points little by little so that later you can win the match.

Multiplayer games are very interesting, but players still have to pay attention to time. Do not let the excitement of playing, players neglect work or other obligations. Play the game during your free time only.

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