10 Best Android FPS Games of All Time [+Download Link]

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Android FPS games are among the most popular genres for gamers. These first-person shooting games are called FPS. The most famous example is Counter Strike. Many people love FPS because of the sensation of being in the action themselves.

It used to be that games like this could only be played from a PC/laptop. But with the times, things are getting more effective including games. Now FPS themed games can also be played with Android phones and of course no less exciting. Here are some of the most challenging recommendations:

1. Lonewolf

This game by FDG Entertainment is a fun FPS genre, proven by over 10 million users. Not only does it provide exciting action, players will feel more involved because of the storyline. The story in Lonewolf is excellent, as it is quite dark and evocative.

This game is, however, recommended for players over the age of 17. Players will get the chance to try out up to 20 different weapons. There are also 30 missions, all of which must be completed successfully.

To play Lonewolf, make sure your smartphone specifications are at least Android 5.0. The game size is also only 64 MB, so it won’t be too taxing on your device. Get the best score and immerse yourself in the story like the main character.

2. PUBG Mobile

When it comes to Android FPS games, this one can’t be overlooked. This Editor’s Choice title has surpassed 500 million downloads. Developed by Level Infinite, PUBG has managed to garner many loyal players.

A series of prestigious awards have been obtained, such as Best Game, Most Competitive, and others from Google Play. PUBG can be played for free, with satisfying graphics quality that is HD plus 3D sound. This 711 MB game has mobile controls, training mode, and voice chat.

The controls are smooth, with realistic ballistics that give a different feel. It requires a stable internet network to play. Smartphone specifications are at least 2 GB RAM and Android at least 5.1.1. For low-spec smartphones, you can download the lite version.

3. Dead Trigger 2

This game developed by Madfinger Games is no less popular than PUBG. The number of downloads on the Play Store has exceeded 50 million and continues to grow. The thing that makes it even more exciting is that players are required to fight zombies. The zombie theme is favored by many gamers.

The theme in this game, puts the player into the main character whose job is to carry out the mission. There are many challenges and missions that must be accomplished. But it’s not just the missions that vary, it’s also the regions and scenery.

There are 10 regions and 33 different scenes. There are 37 weapons as ammunition to defeat the zombies. In terms of graphics, the zombies are scary enough that it will feel more challenging and adrenaline. Dead Trigger can be obtained with a size of 541 MB.

4. Call of Duty Mobile

This Android FPS game is an adaptation of the PC version that is very popular among gamers. Although there are slight differences with the PC version, the satisfaction of playing on Android mobile is very exciting. Players will play CoD in a battle royale version.

Console-level graphics, plus maximum gameplay supported by audio make the game more real and thrilling. Although fairly realistic, players can use various advanced tools when attacking enemies.

The mobile version of CoD is worth a try because it presents a different feel and is certainly still challenging. But to play it, you need to prepare a large enough memory because the size reaches 1.9 GB.

5. King of Shooter

Want to try an Android FPS game that is totally focused on shooting? King of Shooter is the answer. This game made by WEDO1.COM is suitable for users with limited memory capacity. Because, the size is only 87 MB, fairly small than other similar games.

However, the graphics are 3D so it is not inferior to its competitors. The astonishing thing is that there are up to 300 stages, each with a different mission. It’s certainly not repetitive, so players don’t get bored easily.

The choice of weapons is very large, such as handguns, snipers, assault rifles, and so on. The setting is also thrilling, such as beaches, tall buildings, tropical forests, and others. With Android OS 4.0, you can already play it.

6. Pixel Gun 3D

If FPS themed games are usually fierce and intense, this is not the case with Pixel Gun. What makes it unique is the checkered look that resembles games from the elementary school days. It looks like the famous game Minecraft. Players will be spoiled with more than 800 types of weapons.

But of course you need to complete various missions to get the desired weapon. Players can also join a Clan and start a battle together. The 99 MB game has been downloaded by 100 million players.

7. Into the Dead

This Android FPS game is favored by many for its unlimited challenges. The premise is simple, save yourself from the zombie threat. Although it looks simple, that’s exactly what makes it popular with many people. In fact, players can see the extent of their ability to survive.

Despite constantly running from the pursuit of hungry zombies, players will not be bored because there are mini missions that must be completed. This 1.8 GB game, developed by PIKPOK, has more than 10 million downloads.

8. Critical Ops

Critical Ops is an Android FPS game that can be played alone or in multiplayer. Developed by Critical Force, in this game players will fight in a challenging atmosphere.

Added with a clear story plot makes it feel even more real. Players are given the opportunity to choose their own role in this Critical Ops. there are two choices, namely being an anti-terrorist or the terrorist himself. The mission of the anti-terrorists is to kill the terrorists.

While being the terrorist, the mission is to destabilize the city. With such freedom to choose your role, it’s no wonder this 571 MB game is so popular. Evidenced by the number of downloads surpassing 50 million.

9. Infinity Ops

This Android FPS game developed by Azur Interactive Games is relatively new, but its popularity is increasing rapidly. Infinity Ops is packed with graphics, set in a Cyberpunk-style sci-fi theme.

The main advantage of Infinity Ops is that the mechanical elements and physics are more real. Even so, there are still fictional elements such as the existence of jetpacks and other modern tools. Here players are required to socialize.

For example, by inviting other friends to join through the Clans feature. That way, players can form their own clans and carry out missions together. This 443 MB game is in high demand, so the number of downloads reached 10 million.

10. Forward Assault

While the majority of games that adapt Counter Strike are lacking in graphics, Forward Assault is not. In addition to the exciting gameplay, players can choose to take on the role of SWAT or even the terrorists themselves.

The plot is also quite strong and supports the game. The weaponry is comprehensive, so there are plenty of options for upgrading. It’s also relatively lighter than the others at 337 MB.

Such are the recommendations for various Android FPS games that are fun, challenging, and have gameplay that is not inferior to PC. This genre will never die, because it always presents new creations and story models that make players curious.