12 Best USB Joystick Support Android Games [+Download Link]

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Before technology developed rapidly, PlayStation was only known as a game console. But since the existence of smartphones, various android games support USB joysticks can be played by users easily and simply of course.

Playing a gamepad is now popular because it is considered much easier and more practical. Each player can also easily control the movement of the game without the need to touch the phone screen. Thanks to this convenience, it is not surprising that this type of game is increasingly in demand by various groups.

To add to the exciting gaming experience on smartphones, here is a summary of games that support usb joysticks. Each game available has a variety of themes and genres, ranging from adventure, FPS, action, and so on.

1. Crossy Road

This USB joystick supported android game has a pretty high rating. Mainly, because players can use a controller to add euphoria to the game. This game is actually quite practical and easy to play.

Players are asked to move the characters in the game so that they can get across the road safely. The challenge of this game is that every road crossed will be filled with vehicles, so you must focus and be careful.

Not only the characters are fun, but this game also has cute animal characters in it. Examples are ducks, crabs, cows, and many more.


2. GT Racing 2

This USB joystick supported android game as the name implies is a game with a car racing theme. Players can choose the desired game mode, whether playing alone or using the multiplayer feature. This game supports USB joystick.

Interestingly, each player can enjoy racing on 13 available tracks. Interestingly, the game also provides 30 popular car brands to choose from. These include Audi, Ferrari, and many more.

3. Evoland 2

This one has an RPG theme that carries graphics like in the Harvest Moon game. However, this game has a variety of interesting game options that can be played by every user.

In this game, it presents something unique to provide an extraordinary experience to every player. Various games that can be enjoyed such as Street Fighter to Candy Crush which presents a different atmosphere and excitement of playing of course.

4. Unkilled-Zombie Games FPS

This USB joystick supported android game delivers an awesome gaming experience. It has even won FPS game awards thanks to its fantastic storyline, graphics, and gameplay.

The game provides at least 150 missions to complete. Each mission comes with its own level of difficulty. But there’s no need to worry as players choose from a variety of weapons that are available and can be used to defeat opponents.

5. Bridge Constructor Portal

This game is unique in that it tests each player’s construction skills and abilities. Players must be able to build bridges so that they can be traversed by various vehicles.

This game is available in two versions: paid and free. If you are satisfied with this game, then you can download the paid version. The affordable cost allows players to enjoy much more comprehensive features.

6. Asphalt Xtreme

This USB joystick support android game is a game with a racing genre that can be an option. This game with a racing theme presents very charming graphics for a class of games played on android devices.

There are 7 choices of offroad cars with famous brands to choose from. Each player has to cross a muddy ground that is quite extreme and challenging. Not only that, each player can also renovate and improve the performance of the car to become the fastest.

7. Riptide GP2

This game has a jet ski racing genre that is certainly interesting to play. What’s more, this game supports joysticks so that it can be moved more easily. Please note that, this game has 2 series that carry a similar theme.

Both have their own excitement when played. To enjoy the excitement of this game series, users can buy it on Google Play at a fairly affordable price.

8. Minecraft

This USB joystick supported android game is a game made by Mojang. Minecraft has successfully become a popular game even though it only relies on checkered or pixel graphics. Its popularity is inseparable from the gameplay and storyline that is interesting to play.

In this game, it allows players to build houses to create battle equipment. Players can explore an unlimited pixel world because it is an open world game.

9. Modern Combat

This USB joystick supported android game has an FPS action theme. In it, each player will wear a special costume and can play with friends using multiplayer mode. Similar to other FPS games, this game also requires fast hand movements.

With joystick support, it will certainly provide a greater chance of victory. Uniquely, this game has a wide selection of characters that can be chosen according to your wishes. Each character comes with different skills and costumes.

10. Levelhead

This one USB joystick support android game presents a very interesting and fun gaming experience because it is a paid game. However, despite this, players will be spoiled with interesting gameplay and unique storylines.

Players will take on the role of a new employee who has the task of training robots to complete the available missions. This game is certainly capable of providing a different experience to every player who plays it.

11. Oddmar

This one game is also highly recommended to play. This is because this game is equipped with graphics to music that is so beautiful and charming of course. This game, has an adventure theme and very unique gameplay.

There are 24 levels that can be played by each player. Not only that, but there are also various interesting items to complete weapons. Although not as popular as other games, but the rating itself is quite good.

12. Horizon Chase

This game is perfect for refreshing or entertainment with a classic racing car theme. Analog on a gamepad, will make it easier for players to steer the car in the desired direction.

Players must complete races on tracks located around the world. In addition, players must also take refills of fuel on the track, in order to continue playing. To speed up their cars, each player can use nitro boosters.

That’s some recommendations for android games that support USB joysticks that can be played. Each game comes with its own advantages and uniqueness. The various games above also come with a variety of genres so that they can be tailored to your desires and tastes.

Later players will find various interesting features available in each game so that it will make it easier for players to win the game. Not only that, a variety of weapons are also available to strengthen the attack and defeat the opponent.

In addition to being played individually, some of the games above can also be played in multiplayer. Players can invite friends, family, or others to play this game with a more exciting and fun sensation of playing. In addition to being played individually, some of the above games can also be played in multiplayer.