8 Offline Hp Games Small Size, Low Spec Gamers Docked

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Having a low-spec hp must indeed be smart in choosing small offline hp games, so that the hp is not too burdened. Because after all, hp with low specs will experience lag if used to play games with high specs. So it needs to be considered.

There are many choices of games, but for those who want to download games for the first time, it might be a little confusing. Therefore, some references are needed as a comparison. So this way users will also be easier in choosing games.

This time it will also be described about some of these applications. About some games that have a small size. For more details, check out some of the recommendations below:

1. Asphalt Nitro

For those who like racing games, then this game developed by gameloft se can be the first choice. This game can be played offline, so it will not consume quota. Even so, the graphics offered are also pretty good.

The small size of the game is the attraction of this one game. Because this game only has a download size of 47 MB. It will even run optimally on Android at least 4.1. So naturally, if this game is widely played.

The choice of cars that can be played is also quite luxurious, starting from Ferrari and Lamborghini cars. In this game, there are about eight game modes. Where, users can later choose the mode that seems exciting, such as being chased by the police or others.

2. Zombie Fontier 3

If you are not interested in racing games but like horror genre games then you can try playing Zombie Fontier 3. Where in this game, players must be able to avoid zombie attacks. This game also tells the story of vaccination failure.

So actually the use of this vaccination is to overcome the plague that has hit all over the world. But in the end, it only complicates the existing problem. As the days go by, the zombies grow, until the player is the only survivor and must evade them.

This game with fun and thrilling excitement can also be downloaded with a download size of only 96 MB. While in order for this game application to run smoothly, it requires android type 4.4. In addition, the characters used are 3D.

3. Stickman Pirates Fight

Then there is a third small size offline cellphone game, namely a game application called Stickman Pirates Fight. This game itself is an adventure genre game that must complete missions to get treasure. The characters in it are also taken from famous anime.

One Piece became the inspiration for this Pangia developer to develop Stickman games. It’s not just about getting the treasure. It’s also about fighting against enemies that stand in the way of victory.

The characters presented are also characters that exist in the One Piece comic or anime. Keep in mind, too, that these loyal characters have their own abilities. So the user also needs to master the character in order to win the match.

4. Plague.inc

Strategy games always rack the brains of the players, but if users like it then this Palgue.inc game can be the choice. Because the storage size offered is quite friendly. Not only that, this game can also be played for free.

If in the usual game the player will play the role of a good person, then this game is a little different. Because players play the role of bad guys and must successfully complete the mission to destroy humanity. Namely by spreading a plague that will uproot dead citizens.

There are several advantages possessed by Plague.inc, one of which is an intuitive screen, even for the quality of graphics is quite stunning. If you want to manage the disease, then all are provided in the form of smart. Even in it has also been provided in the form of tutorials for beginners.

5. Casting Eway

On the fifth place there is a small offline cellphone game called Cast eway which was originally inspired by the movie cast away. It tells the story of a man who decides to take a vacation in his private jet. However, due to a storm jernyaniru plunged into an uninhabited island.

So, the mission of the game itself is to survive, such as fishing and so on. Although on the island the player is the only one there, there are many animals that live there. So the task is to make a small farm.

The size of this game developed by Nexelon inv is about 90 MB. But this size usually does not include the data in it. While the minimum recommended OS is android type 4.4..

6. Amazing Run 3D

If the size of the games previously mentioned is still in the tens of GB, then it’s different with this game. Because the download size of the Amazing Run 3D game itself is only around 17 MB. Where this game is filled with obstacles.

Like a ninja warrior, in this game players must be able to pass every obstacle in sight. In addition, every minute the mama increases the obstacles that will be received are also increasingly difficult. But still must be passed to reach the finish point.

There are four kinds of characters that can be used in it. As for the challenges mentioned earlier, there are about 50 challenges, so it will be very exciting if played. So it would be highly recommended to play.

7. Zombie Killing – Call Of Killers

There is still another small offline cell phone game, namely the game with the name Zombie Killing. In this game, the horror or zombie genre is certainly in accordance with the name used. So these players will be faced with being in a world full of zombies.

Although the size is only 12 MB, the graphics offered are quite good. In addition, players will also get excitement when they have to survive in the midst of dozens of zombies. If you are curious, then you can immediately try it.

8. Crazy Racer

It’s the same as the first game on the list, which is a racing game. The very small size of the game does make this game have a lot of enthusiasts. Because, the download size itself is only 11 MB.

Users can also choose the track to do, even this track is about 24 choices. As for the choice of cars, there are six models that can be selected in each game. Very suitable for use on hp with low spec.

That was a review of 8 small offline cellphone games that users can try to play. But it will be reminded again, that the MB size said earlier is not a storage size. Because that’s just the file size or download size.

Because for the storage size there will still be a count for the previous data. Even so, the games mentioned earlier have a fairly low storage size. So that in addition to Isa operating offline it will also not burden the cellphone used.