10 Online Multiplayer Cell Phone Games for Girlfriends

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Maybe for couples playing games can be an alternative choice to fill the weekend together. Like some online multiplayer cell phone games with girlfriends that present exciting game modes with their own challenges.

Online multiplayer games can also be utilized by couples who are in a long-distance relationship or LDR. Through playing games, communication with your boyfriend or girlfriend can run well without being limited by time.

As long as you remember that winning or losing is a normal thing in the game. The goal is not to cause a ruckus that leads to bad effects.

Then what are some online multiplayer games that have fun game modes? To find the answer to that question, check out the following:


Maybe the first game is no longer an unfamiliar game, some even use it to find a soul mate. Downloaders of the HAGO game alone today, reached 100 million people.

Most people like Hago because of the diversity of game modes with different levels. Among them are ludo, knife throwing, snakes and ladders, and sheep fighting, each of which has its own game characteristics.

The interface displayed is also quite capable and easy to play by beginners. OS specifications, especially Android, are at least 4.3 while the application file size depends on the smartphone device.

2. Mobile Legends

The game made by Moonton although identically played by men in fact women can also play it. Later, don’t forget to customize the character or hero with your partner.

The goal is for the team to be able to fight enemies during the battle so that victory can be achieved. For couples who are not too pro at playing Mobile Legends, use heroes with basic skills but no less powerful.

If the couple is fairly pro in playing Mobile Legends then it can be compromised on which hero you want. Nonetheless, stay alert to the enemy who knows who is more pro.

3. Ludo

For those who love to play ludo, it seems that you can choose the Ludo game in the game application. There is no need to worry about the game mode, as the winning goal still lies in the center square on the board.

In the game, there are several choices (generally four modes) of players whether it is random or determined. Feel free to compete with each other’s winning strategies, as to who has the upper hand.

It is not limited to being utilized as an online multiplayer cell phone game with girlfriends alone. Ludo supports to be played together with friends or in pairs as well, thus making the game more exciting.

4. PUBG Mobile

The battle royale presented by PUBG Mobile seems interesting enough to be utilized for multiplayer games. Although there are more male players, women can also play PUBG Mobile with their girlfriends.

If the partner is still “amateur”, you should first teach him how to play PUBG Mobile. Then if you think you understand enough, then just decide whether you want Duo or Squad mode.

For those who haven’t downloaded, visit the smartphone’s default platform or the provider’s website. The required specifications are not too heavy, only about 45 MB with Android 4.3 OS (minimum).

5. Line Let’s Get Rich

When the Line application was still on the rise, this game was so popular that the people of the country did not miss it. The monopoly concept makes it fun to play with friends and girlfriends.

Even though Line Let’s Get Rich is not as famous as it used to be, the game is still able to capture the hearts of some people. One of them is due to the development of features and characters in the game that are increasingly up-to-date.

For those who haven’t played it yet and are interested, create a two-person room first. Then add a partner to the room so that you can play.

6. Brain Duel

For online multiplayer cell phone games with girlfriends called Brain Duel is no less interesting to play. Especially for couples who like the challenge of pitting their respective knowledge.

The gameplay offered by the developer requires players to answer questions through options. Where the options provided are multiple choice or from the alphabet “a” to “d”.

That means it takes full concentration to answer correctly, both your partner and yourself. For this reason, although Brain Duel is a game, it should not be played playfully.

7. Quiz Up

Bringing the concept of trivia, the following game also requires full concentration to win the game. The gameplay in Quiz Up is in the form of a quiz with over hundreds of topics that need to be answered correctly and precisely.

Taken as an example, if your boyfriend likes topics around the world of Marvel then please choose that option. The quizzes that come out will be centered on Marvel insights.

For those who are able to answer each quiz well, an award will be given. Those interested can download it first, but make sure the operating system is no less than 4.4.

8. Fall Guys

Having unique characters and a battle royale concept makes Fall Guys a shame to miss out on. The designed gameplay requires players to take down their opponents to prevent them from reaching the finish line.

The number of opponents is not small, but quite a lot, around 59 opponents that need to be dropped. The challenges in Fall Guys can be exciting because of the obstacles presented. The number of opponents is quite large, with around 59 opponents to take down.

Only those who don’t want to fight their own partner should use the cooperative mode. With this mode, you and your boyfriend or girlfriend will fight with the opposing team to win the game.

9. Stardew Valley

The survival theme makes Stardew Valley worth playing for two. The game modes developed by the developer include planting activities, raising funds, and building shelters.

This requires cohesiveness with your boyfriend or girlfriend to bring the game to life. From gathering resources, tending to plants to collecting items called ore.

Stardew Valley can not only be used as an online multiplayer cell phone game with your girlfriend but can also be run on a Personal Computer. The variety of devices designed certainly makes it easy for anyone to run it.

10. Zepetto

For those who are interested in games with simulation concepts, it seems that Zepetto can be included in the list of favorites. There is no need to worry about the excitement in it, because the following simulation games offer interesting gameplay.

You and your partner can design existing characters according to creative ideas. Where the player can determine the makeup of the three-dimensional character designed by the game developer.

Don’t forget to turn on friend mode first to customize your partner. Then, throw a party and take a self-portrait with your best makeup look.

So, that’s 10 online multiplayer cell phone games with girlfriends with fun gameplay that comes with its own set of challenges. While the challenges range from easy to difficult, it’s important to stick together to play them.

Not to mention games with a battle royale theme that require neat cooperation between players. Unlike the knowledge game, it tends to lead to individual abilities.

Please choose which online multiplayer game you are interested in playing first, whether combat, knowledge test or simulation. It’s best to communicate with your partner before choosing.

The goal is that when playing does not happen things out of desire. Of course you don’t want a good relationship to be less harmonious just because of the game.