9 Adventure Offline HP Games, Still Fun Without the Internet

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There is a wide selection of adventure offline cell phone games that can be played on smartphones. This game can really be played offline. So, players don’t have to worry about data plans or internet networks anymore when playing them.

Adventure games, especially those that can be played on smartphones. Of course, it is always synonymous with online games that drain data packages. Because there is a lot of data that needs to be processed in adventure games.

From graphics, characters, items, and various other aspects. Because of this, data plans are often drained just to play games. However, not with this recommended game. Guaranteed, the game is still exciting even without an internet network.

1. Machinarium, Exciting and Mysterious

In this game, players will become a main character who is a robot. The task of the player is to solve various puzzles and mysteries, to reveal the greater truth in the world of Machinarium.

The game itself is set on a planet that has fallen into disrepair and is littered with trash. The graphic style can be said to be very simple, but the scenery on the planet Machinarium will bring a new world sensation.

Players will visit a whole new world that has never existed before. There are many mysteries waiting to be solved. Visitors can play on Android and iOS smartphones with no internet connection to load.

2. The Enigmatic Silent Age

Feel challenged by a puzzle-filled adventure game? Then, players should try the game called The Silent Age. This game is set in a mysterious laboratory, with intricate research.

The player as the main character must solve all the problems in this laboratory. Each instruction will lead the player to the object at hand and reveal the big secret in this laboratory.

At first glance, this game looks like an ordinary puzzle game. However, players will have to think hard to solve the complex puzzles. Because the answer could reveal a bigger secret. At first glance, this game is like an ordinary puzzle game.

The graphic style of this game carries a futuristic concept. Although, it needs to be recognized that the quality is not optimal. But it is very good for a game that is played, without an internet network.

3. The Walking Dead, a thrilling zombie adventure

The next adventure offline HP game is The Walking Dead. From the name of this game, you can already imagine a thrilling adventure in a world full of zombies.

The name of this game must also be familiar. It’s adapted from the popular TV series of the same name. Players will act as characters who survive the zombie apocalypse that occurs in the world.

Players must figure out how to save themselves. From fighting, to evading, to creating shelters for yourself and your group. Players can also meet characters from the TV series.

4. Popular Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy is a very popular game series that can be played on various platforms, including smartphones. For smartphones, players can play the 3D remake of Final Fantasy IV.

This version allows players to play offline. So, players can still adventure without an internet network. This game carries the concept of ATB or action time battle.

So, the enemies in this game will attack based on the ATB system and not based on the player’s response. This can make the game more exciting. This game, also comes with a great storyline and quality graphics.

5. Innovative Evoland 2

Evoland 2 can be said to be a very innovative adventure offline HP game. Carrying the RPG concept, this game offers a different gameplay. When compared to other RPG concept games.

This game presents a multi-genre concept that can change and move. This depends on the stage that the player goes through in the game. Regarding the quality of the graphics, we can say that the quality of the graphics is quite standard but unique.

Because the style presented in this game is 2D graphics commonly found in first generation RPG games. This is the uniqueness of this game. As the level and stage of the player increases. The quality of the graphics will also improve.

In fact, the 2D graphics that are the initial appearance can evolve into 3D graphics easily. It is truly an innovative game with stage development.

6. Oceanhorn, Adventure in the Middle of the Ocean

In this game, players will become a little boy left behind by his father in the middle of the ocean. Stranded in the middle of the ocean in a small boat, the child must learn to survive.

Not infrequently, players will get objects or items floating in the sea. So, they can be used to survive in the middle of the sea. There are various activities that players can do to save themselves at sea.

For example, collecting items, sailing, fishing to get fish and various other things. Players can even learn to understand magic. This will be useful for fighting monsters that will be encountered in the middle of the ocean.

7. Botanicula, the Next Series of Machinarium

This adventure offline HP game is a continuation of the story of the Machinarium game. After the Machinarium world ends, the players have a mission to restore life on the planet. The trick is to plant more trees on the planet.

It sounds simple, but it’s very hard. Because the players must save the last tree seed on the planet. This task is especially tough, as there will be many evil creatures trying to thwart this mission.

Players must adventure through more than 500 areas of Botanicula. To find the ideal place for plant seeds to grow. At the same time, fight evil monsters who want to destroy and steal the seeds.

8. Ninja Arashi, the best-selling and popular game

Ninja Arashi is a popular game that is widely downloaded. In addition, because the game can be played offline so it does not drain the data package. This game also offers the excitement of adventure with aesthetic graphics.

The player will become a ninja named Arashi in this game. Arashi is actually a retired ninja. However, there is an evil character who disturbs his peace, then kidnaps his son.

Arashi must return to action to save his beloved child. Simple control system. Makes this game very, very easy to play and control.

9. Another World, an old game that’s making a comeback

Another World was first released in the 90s. It disappeared on various platforms. It’s back as an offline game on Android smartphones. It’s still the same old game.

In this game, players will become physics researchers who accidentally enter another world. Players must solve various mysteries to return to their home world.

There are many adventure offline cell phone games that can be played. With the above games, players can get excitement. Without the need to sacrifice a lot of data packages and internet networks.