7 Offline Potato Phone Games for Those Who Are Saving Quota

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Offline potato mobile games can be the best choice, if you don’t want to eat up your quota when playing them. The choice of games offered is very varied, even though the Hp spec is not too high. Offline games can usually be downloaded for free.

So, users don’t have to spend money just to have fun. The term Hp potato is commonly used when the Hp has a RAM capacity of only 1-2 GB. With that much RAM, it will not run many applications. Especially to run popular games.

Even so that doesn’t mean there are no games that support potato phones. What is certain is that this offline game is very light, so it does not burden Hp performance. Although in terms of graphics it is not as good as other heavy games. Here are recommendations for offline games for potato phones, namely:

1. Zombie Frontier game

The first offline potato phone game is Zombie Frontier. From the name alone, it’s interesting, isn’t it? This game has a zombie theme. Where players must avoid the zombie virus, and eradicate all zombies scattered in the city.

With a very light game size of 20 MB. This game, is quite in demand with 50 million user downloads on the Play Store. This game, has a mechanism as a zombie hunter who has spread in various cities using weapons.

The game comes with a map feature that will be marked if a city is being attacked by zombies. Players can also upgrade their weapons to increase the power of their weapons, thus speeding up zombie extermination.

Players will earn points if many zombies are killed. These points can be used to upgrade weapons, buy weapons, and speed up the weapon reloading process. This game, has levels where players encounter different zombies.

With different zombie resistance so players must adjust the weapons used and upgrade them. If the user likes zombie-themed games, then it is suitable to play this one.

2. Baseball Star

This baseball sports game is included in the list of the best offline games in the sports category, especially baseball. Users can create their own team and can even choose and organize the members of the team themselves.

Users can also follow various world leagues in the game like a real baseball game. Users can even simulate the results of matches, while the game is in progress.

Very exciting isn’t it? Moreover, the graphics presented in the form of 3-dimensional animation are very adorable. Adds to the excitement of playing this game.

3. Ninja Dash Run

For ninja character lovers, this game is perfect to play. It features 3D graphics that add to the cute impression of the characters in this game. The mechanics of this game are also quite fun, so it makes this game popular.

This arcade game tells the story of a ninja who fights against a group of demons to become the most powerful and great fighter. Players can defeat enemies by using skills that can be upgraded periodically.

In addition, it is also equipped with armor that helps strengthen the character to be able to destroy enemies quickly. Players can upgrade with the amount of money earned when successfully fighting the enemy.


4. Brain Duel

The next offline potato Hp game is Duel Brain. This puzzle game is very popular in Indonesia. This game from FEO Media AB, makes players hone their knowledge skills by answering various questions by dueling with others.

Not only that players can also create their own questions, if the developer approves then the question will appear in the duel round. In addition, this game also has a chat feature that makes it easy to communicate with others.

To play this game is very easy, players just need to answer the questions that appear correctly. There are 2 modes that can be played, namely classic and tactical modes. Each has different conditions.

In classic mode there are 6 categories with 3 questions each that must be answered in turn for 3 turns. The one who answers the most questions is the winner.

The difference with tactical mode is that there are 3 help options to choose from when you’re stuck for answers. If users like quiz games like this then brain duel is the perfect game to play. Moreover, the size of the game is light at only 30.2 MB.

5. Speed Car Racing 3D

This game is a car racing game made by The Great Hippo which was released in 2021. Users can experience the thrill of racing virtually. With various cool race tracks and also very exciting missions to complete.

In this game there are missions where you have to win various national and international tournaments in various locations. Users can also invite friends to play in this Speed Car Racing 3D through the multiplayer feature.

Where users can play with more than 2 people in one play. With a realistic visual display, it makes players feel like real car racers.

6. Pedal UP!

Pedal Up is an offline bicycle-themed game. In this game there are various tracks with different locations. Not only cycling as usual, but in this game there are also challenges.

Where players must pass through roads that are not always flat to get to the finish line. The game is quite easy to play, players just run the bike and steer it to get to the finish. The player must pass through obstacles and safely get to the finish.

There are a total of 40 tracks with different difficulty levels so as not to bore players. The game also features a camera to record and capture images to share with others or social media. There are a total of 40 tracks with different difficulty levels so that players don’t get bored.

There is a special rule in this game that the character in the game must pass through obstacles without his feet touching the ground. If their feet touch the ground, they will lose, so the player must maintain balance.

7. 4×4 Safari Game: Evolution

The last offline Hp potato game is 4×4 Safari: Evolution. This game is an adventurous game with a safari animal theme. Where players are invited on an adventure to meet wild animals in nature.

This game has a mission to hunt down the wild animals that are there. Approximately the number of animals in this game can exceed 26 animals. The character of this game can hunt and search for wild animals by riding a vehicle.

When hunting, the character must build a camp to hide from attack and rest. Make sure the distance between the camp site and the animal habitat is within a safe distance. The weapons provided in this game are also very varied.

However, this game has controls that are quite difficult to control. The animals are also quite hard to find, but that’s what makes this game challenging. However, the controls are quite difficult to control.

Such are some recommendations for offline potato Hp games that are very exciting to play during free time. There are tons of offline games other than the ones mentioned earlier. Users can download the game as desired.

Follow the rules of the game to make it easier to play according to the game. Because each game has different rules even though the game has the same theme. However, don’t lose track of time because you’re too busy playing.

If you want to play games that can also hone your skills, then you can choose games with quizzes, strategies, and other themes. Play when time is free so that other activities are not interrupted and also set the duration of playing time so as not to overdo it.

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