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There are now 4 options for how to blast WhatsApp without saving a number. This situation will help, when sending a large number of messages. But there is no need to save one by one from the destination number, it is used for various purposes from each user.

For example, sending messages in the form of prospective members of companies or communities and businesses. Then it can also be used to convey various information previously intended for the recipient. Where the destination contact is not stored, but can still send the desired message and many other purposes.

But in general, of course the existence of WA or whatsApp blasts will make it very easy. Especially to reach more people while time is used. Also so efficient when used, therefore consider a variety of complete explanations as follows:

What is Blast WA

The main discussion is related to the meaning of WhatsApp blast. If you already know this, it will be easier to understand how to blast WhatsApp without saving the number. Maybe some still don’t understand what this is, even though it is commonly used in business or various other purposes.

Actually, if interpreted, WhatsApp blast is included in a special feature. It allows you to send messages in bulk in the sense that the same message can be sent to various people at once. With certain restrictions, and each message owner does not need to save all these contacts.

Of course, this is more effective for several groups, especially in terms of business. Because it can reach various types of customers from various circles. Without the need to bother one by one to send messages and save contact numbers.

How to Blast WhatsApp

The second discussion, which is related to the type of use of how to blast WhatsApp without saving numbers. This is a question from many circles, considering that this is an important goal of the creation of WhatsApp blasts. Or this special feature, because its function is able to do the desired thing.

It turns out that the utilization itself is actually quite easy. This can be used on a smartphone or also by utilizing computer assistance with website access. For this, it’s a good idea to look at some explanations of the steps to use which are slightly different from one another.

1. Using a Cell Phone

The first type of way to blast WhatsApp without saving numbers is to use a cellphone. For this, it is so easy to do because it only needs to utilize the cellphone via a browser that is already installed on all cellphones. As for the work steps themselves, just look at the following various steps:

  • First open the cellphone then visit the browser then type the command / destination number you want to send a message to. Then choose WhatsApp broadcast to move to the messenger or message section.
  • The next step is to click the enter button to enter the WhatsApp application page. Enter the destination number, then in the existing column enter the message that you want to share in general for the destination number.
  • Then from that the desired message can be sent immediately to the destination.

2. Utilizing the Web

Next for the type of utilization of how to blast WhatsApp without saving the number is using the web. That is another option, by utilizing a desktop in the form of a laptop or computer in sending this message. Therefore, the steps are a little different, see the following:

  • First open the browser with the help of a laptop or computer device and then type the command
  • Next is not to forget to enter using the barcode in the WhatsApp application. Then then select the destination number by typing the command / destination number.
  • After that, switch again to the chat option to send this message without the need to save the number.

3. Use the Link

It is certain that this is the easiest and most widely used way by a number of people. Especially for utilizing the use of WhatsApp blasts without saving numbers. Actually for this it can not only send messages but can also make calls for a number of groups.

The method is also not much different from a number of previous explanations. Simply by utilizing the link to be able to send messages without saving contacts. Messages sent can go to multiple destinations at once.

4. Use a Tablet

Next, you can use a tablet in sending WA blasts. As for the process, just visit Google chrome or browser with the help of the tablet device you have, in this case it will be explained with a tablet that has an Android operating system.

  • At first click on the web store command, namely on the WhatsApp broadcast extension section. This extension will be able to send a large number of messages. Without having to store various destination numbers, at the same time this also has a function for wa messenger sender.
  • Once successfully installed, don’t forget to log in with your WhatsApp assistance. Next open the wa broadcast extension which is located on the upper right side in green.
  • If the process has also been successful then please upload a file containing a number of destination whatsApp numbers. Of course, for the message to be sent.
  • Next copy or enter the message you want to send in the text messenger box section.
  • The last thing that can be done is to click the green button at the bottom, namely sending message. This means that this message has been completed and received by the destination number.

Excellence of Blast WA

After understanding the explanation related to how to blast WhatsApp without saving the number there is something else that must be known. That is related to the pluses or advantages of a number of ways that have been offered. For this, it must be a question from many circles.

So it is not surprising that now many obstacles are trying to use the WhatsApp blast feature for various functions. Even messages can also be received even if the destination party does not store the user’s number. Therefore, it is better to listen to the following explanations:

1. Message Personalization

The first advantage of this is the ability to personalize messages. This has various functions. This includes giving the impression of making the user more familiar with the destination number or recipient of the message.

2. Communicate Directly With Customers

The good news is that by utilizing the WhatsApp blast feature, it can make business people communicate directly. Especially if there are customers who want to ask questions related to the product or item being sold. So that explanations related to detailed information from a product will be conveyed in more detail.

3. Save Time

The next benefit or advantage is of course in terms of time savings. Because there is no need to send messages one by one or manually, but it can be done at the same time. So there will be no time constraints felt by each person if they use it.

4. Brand Positioning

Next is also another thing related to brand positioning. Actually for this means that it can improve the good name and be better known to the public. Due to the routine of sending WhatsApp in the form of superiority information or related information to be conveyed business owners.


That’s the explanation of how to blast WhatsApp without saving the number and its advantages. These various explanations are certainly so easy to follow from various devices used by users. Because everything has been explained in detail with various steps that must be done without significant difficulty when trying it.

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