How to Hotspot Laptop to Android Phone with Easy and Simple

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Not many people know if it turns out that laptop devices can also be used as a hotspot media to Android. Because, most people only know the Android hotspot to laptops. Well, here will be explained in more depth how to hotspot a laptop to an Android phone easily.

With the hotspot system from laptop to Android, of course, it will provide many benefits. So, Android phone users can browse more comfortably without having to spend a lot of quota.

Well, here will be given a way to do hotspot from laptop to Android easily, quickly, and also simply. Only using the application, the hotspot network will be immediately connected to Android. Let’s learn together!

How to Connect Laptop Hotspot to Android

There are various methods to connect a laptop hotspot to Android. Users can use one of the methods described below. Of course, it can be adjusted according to the conditions of the laptop and also the cellphone.

Let’s see what are the ways or methods to connect laptop hotspot to Android:

1. Via Bluetooth

For the first, you can use via Bluetooth. Not only for sending data, but it can also be used to hotspot from a laptop to an Android phone. Here’s how to connect a hotspot using Bluetooth:

  • Make sure the laptop used first has a Bluetooth feature.
  • If it is confirmed that there is then just turn on the Bluetooth feature.
  • Usually the feature is in the “Control Panel” menu then select the “Network and Internet” menu again.
  • After that, activate the Bluetooth feature and don’t forget to turn on the Bluetooth on the cellphone.
  • Then connect the Bluetooth on the laptop to the android and the cellphone network can already be connected to the laptop hotspot.

2. Via USB Cable

How to hotspot a laptop to an Android phone can also use a USB cable only. So, no need to use any help. Of course it is easier and faster to do. The following method can be used by utilizing a USB cable:

  • Open the laptop that will be used as hotspot media.
  • Then make sure the laptop is connected to the internet network.
  • Then attach the USB cable to the laptop and also make sure the cable matches the cellphone used.
  • After that, on the cellphone, enter the “Settings” menu and look for the “Tethering” menu again.
  • On the menu, select the “USB Tethering” option and the cellphone is already connected to the hotspot network from the laptop.

3. Through the My WiFi Router 3 App

In addition to using the manual method above, how to hotspot a laptop to an Android phone can also use sophisticated applications. The recommended application that can be used is My WiFi Router 3. Here’s how to use the cool application:

  • Download the My WiFi Router 3 application first on the laptop that will be used to connect the hotspot to the android.
  • Then connect the laptop to the existing internet network, you can use WiFi or modem available.
  • Then open the application that was downloaded earlier, in the application will immediately appear the account name and password.
  • After that, also activate the “Activate Free WiFi” option.
  • Next, on the Android phone, activate the WiFi and connect it to the hotspot network from the laptop.
  • Enter the username and password according to what first appears in the application.
  • The Android phone is already connected to the hotspot network originating from the laptop.

4. Through the UC Browser App

There is also an application called UC Browser. In addition to being used for browsing, the application can also be used to connect hotspot networks from laptops to Android phones. Here’s how:

  • As usual, first download the UC Browser application on the laptop.
  • If it has been downloaded then just open the application.
  • Then look for the Virtual WiFi menu which is usually on the top right.
  • After that, don’t forget to activate the “Turn On UC Free WiFi” feature.
  • The feature will also be active and also create the right username and password.
  • Next, on the android cellphone, connect the WiFi network with the hotspot that was activated on the laptop earlier.
  • Don’t forget to enter the username and password that was previously created.

5. Through the Reverse Tethering App

For the latter, there is an application called Reverse Tethering. However, if you want to use this application, the cellphone used must have undergone the root process. Well, to use the application can use the following method:

  • Download the Reverse Tethering application on a laptop.
  • Then on the android phone also download the USB Debugging application.
  • After that, open the Reverse Tethering application and connect it to the cellphone to be used.
  • On the phone, also activate the USB Debugging feature and see if the mobile device has appeared in the application.
  • If it appears then select the device, so that it can connect to its hotspot network.
  • Hp or cellphone will be connected to the existing hotspot network.
  • However, if you use this method there will be more risks.

The Advantages of Hotspot Through Laptop

After knowing how to hotspot a laptop to an Android phone easily. The following will describe in more detail the advantages of this feature. Let’s see together to find out the full information:

  • On Android phones, you can browse the internet quickly, easily, and comfortably.
  • No need to use internet quota to browse.
  • Can save more money to buy quota.
  • The internet network is usually more stable and not jammed.
  • Can be used on many devices at once.

Disadvantages of Hotspot Through Laptop

In addition to the advantages, there are also various disadvantages of this feature. The following will explain in more detail about the shortcomings that exist. Let’s see together what are the disadvantages of this feature:

  • Batteries on Android phones will usually heat up faster and get damaged faster of course.
  • The Android phone or cellphone will no longer be optimally used.
  • Internet browsing on laptops will usually become slower than usual.
  • Can not be used if the distance between the laptop and cellphone is too far.
  • Laptop will also heat up faster because the laptop must be on continuously so that the hotspot can be active.


So, those are the various ways to hotspot a laptop to an Android phone easily, simply, and also quickly of course. So, now there is no need to hesitate if you are going to use the network on a laptop. Because, everything can be done simply.

Users can choose the method or method that feels easiest. However, it must also be adjusted to the condition of the laptop and cellphone. Because, not all laptops and cellphones can use the same method.

Don’t forget to also learn what are the advantages and disadvantages of this feature, so that users can know the risks or impacts that will occur. But, of course, this feature also provides many benefits for users in the future.