How to Pay BPJS Health Through BCA M Banking Completely

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BPJS Kesehatan participants must pay their contributions regularly. Fortunately, this payment process can now be done easily with BCA m-banking as one of the options. How to pay BPJS Kesehatan via BCA M Banking is also easy and not confusing.

If you still don’t know how to pay, then this description will be thoroughly explained. Starting from what to prepare, how to process it, to the benefits of doing it will be explained per point in depth.

All this information is indeed very important or crucial to understand so that it can be implemented and followed. Curious about how all aspects are explained? To find out, check out the conceptualized details as follows:

Things to Prepare Before Paying

Before enabling how to pay BPJS Kesehatan via BCA M Banking, there are several aspects that must be prepared. These things that must be prepared, of course, are related to the process that will be carried out to completion.

If something is not ready, then the process will also not be able to run. There are at least four things that must be prepared from the start. If you are curious about what should be ready, then understand the description illustrated as follows:

1. Smooth Internet

The first thing that must be well available is the smoothness of the internet. Since the process relies on the application, the internet must be there as the main way. If there is no internet, then the process will not be able to run to completion.

Then if the internet is available but unstable, then the process will also not be completed easily. Therefore, this internet issue must be considered from the beginning so that all processes can run until completion.

2. Pre-installed Applications

Then make sure you also have the BCA Mobile application installed on the device. If you don’t have it, make sure to download it and do the account registration process. The registration process itself is easy, and will not take long.

It may be difficult for those who are not used to registering their account. However, if you follow the guidance of the system, the process will not be difficult. Therefore, just follow the application system commands that appear.

3. Complete BPJS Health Data

The third aspect that must be prepared is complete BPJS Health data. This data is in the form of payment number and BPJS fee payment number. Surely every BPJS Health owner will have this data that is always stored.

Later, the data will be entered into the available column so that it can be detected by the system. So, make sure the data must be available without any missing parts. If it is entered incorrectly, the system will not be able to detect the bill.

4. Enough Money

The money in BCA Mobile must also be sufficient for the BPJS Kesehatan bill that must be paid. If there is not enough money in BCA Mobile, the payment process will not be possible.

How to Pay BPJS Kesehatan

Once all the details outlined above are ready, then how to pay BPJS Kesehatan via structured BCA M Banking can be directly executed. Actually, the payment process with this method is not difficult and conceptualized very simply.

Users will be faced with 10 different step points that can be followed. Are you curious about the steps that can be used as a guide? To find out the complete arrangement, take a look and pay attention to the following explanation:

  • To start the process, not first the BCA Mobile application that is already installed on the device.
  • Then log in to your account with your personal username and PIN.
  • Then go to the “m-Payment” menu that is already available in the menu lineup.
  • If you have entered, then click on the “BPJS” option because you will be making a BPJS Health payment.
  • When you have, tap on the “Health” option to proceed.
  • The next process is to enter the payment number and the BPJS fee payment number. Make sure this information is entered correctly without any missing combinations.
  • Then press the “Ok” and “Send” buttons to continue the process.
  • When the details of the bill to be paid appear, then be sure to research it and press the “Ok” button to proceed to the next menu.
  • Then enter the PIN into the box provided.
  • Wait for a notification of the success of the process, and the payment process can be said to be complete.


These process details, of course, can already be used as a guide to start running the process. The detailed steps given are neatly organized so that they can be followed immediately. So that there are no obstacles, make sure that all the processes are not underestimated.

If there is just one point that is missed, it will later give less than optimal results. Therefore, it is imperative to follow this guide as it will lead the user to a quick and accurate process.

Advantages of Paying with M-Banking Option

The method or way to pay BPJS Kesehatan via BCA M Banking, will indeed sound unfamiliar to those who are accustomed to making direct payments. In fact, the payment process with m-banking will be much easier with several advantages.

There are three benefits that users will get if they make payments with m-banking. Curious as to what the benefit options are? To find out, check out the detailed explanation as follows:

1. Fast process

The first advantage that you will get is the fast process. This will be immediate, as users do not need to go to the office. The payment process can be done while sitting at home or elsewhere.

So the use of this application, will provide time efficiency to users. Especially if you are used to making payments with the BCA Mobile application, the time needed will be faster because you have adapted.

2. More Cost-Effective

Payments made with m-banking are also much more cost-effective. If you pay directly to the BPJS Kesehatan office, you will need to pay for transportation to the office. This, of course, will increase the cost required.

But if you make payments with m-banking, the costs required are less. Users only need to provide money for bills and internet quota. Moreover, the payment process in m-banking has no admin fee, so it is not burdensome.

3. Easy process

The last aspect of benefit that you will get is the easy process. In accordance with the explanation of the method above, it can be concluded that the method will not be confusing and can be carried out simply or easily.

That is a complete explanation of the method or how to pay BPJS Health via BCA M Banking thoroughly. Because there is already a complete description, the understanding process will be easier and can be followed directly.

In addition, it has also been explained about what options must be conceptualized and considered before the process or method begins. This information is no less important and should certainly be understood from the start.

Certainly the payment process with m-banking is much more profitable than other ways. All the information regarding these benefits has also been presented so that it can be directly used as a source of confidence to use this method.