How to Pay BPJS Health Arrears with the REHAB Program

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Health BPJS participants who have difficulty maintaining their membership due to arrears, will now be helped by the REHAB program. This program is a way to pay BPJS Health in arrears in installments.

BPJS Health has benefits to help people who do not have health insurance. In addition to health insurance, BPJS is also part of the data collection when taking care of State documents.

Documents such as for land sale and purchase letters, documents for umroh / hajj trips, etc. If BPJS Kesehatan membership is blocked due to arrears, participants cannot enjoy the benefits provided by BPJS Kesehatan.

However, if paying arrears at once feels burdensome, participants can use the REHAB program organized by BPJS Kesehatan. Here’s an explanation and review:

Checking BPJS Health Status and Arrears

To pay BPJS Kesehatan in arrears, participants can first check their membership status and the amount of arrears. Here are the ways that can be done:

1. Through the JKN Mobile application

Installing the JKN Mobile app is required to be able to monitor membership and get various other feature benefits. Please follow the steps below to check your membership on Mobile JKN:

  • Install the Mobile JKN application on your cell phone.
  • If you don’t have an account, create an account through the registration column.
  • After that, log in with the account that has been registered via NIK or BPJS number.
  • If you have entered the homepage, click on the Participant menu.
  • The participant’s data and participation status will appear on the menu.

If it says Inactive status, there may be unpaid contribution arrears. Participants can check the arrears with the following steps:

  • Log in to the Mobile JKN application that has been downloaded.
  • After entering the homepage, select the Bills menu.
  • On the Bills menu, click on Premium.
  • Then participants can see the complete BPJS billing info.

2. Through JKN Chat Assistant (CHIKA)

BPJS Kesehatan has a whatsapp service in the form of a chatbot called CHIKA (Chat Assistant JKN). Participants can check the information needed through the whatsapp number 0811-8750-400.

Participants can check BPJS Health membership data and detailed information needed. Here are the steps to operate the chatbot:

  • Save CHIKA’s whatsapp number and give the message “Hello CHIKA”.
  • The chatbot will automatically answer by giving the option of service choice.
  • Choose number 1 to check the membership status, while to check the bill choose number 2. While number 3 is for the location of the health facility and others.
  • After selecting the number, the chatbot will reply with the information needed.

3. Through BPJS Health Care Center

There is a care center number that can be contacted to get information about the status of BPJS Kesehatan membership or arrears. The number that can be contacted is 1500 400. Then the customer service will direct the services needed.

Select number 1 to check membership status or select number 5 for other information needed. Data changes and doctor consultations can also be done through the care center.

4. Through the BPJS Health website

Participants can also get information about their membership and arrears through the official website. To check arrears, visit the BPJS Health website under BPJS Checking.

On the site, participants can request payment data. Fill in the BPJS Health card number and the participant’s date of birth. Then there is a validation number that needs to be filled in. Click the check button and the requested payment data will appear.

5. Through SMS Service

In addition to getting information through CHIKA or JKN Chat Assistant, participants can also use the SMS Service feature. The trick is to write down the NIK, Population Number, and BPJS Card Number. Then send it to 08777-5500-400.

Paying with the Phased Payment Plan (REHAB) Program?

To keep your BPJS Health membership active, you must pay your contributions before the 11th of each month. If the payment is late for months, then the membership will be blocked due to the arrears.

If the BPJS Kesehatan membership status is inactive, participants will not be able to receive the benefits and services they need. Meanwhile, emergencies may occur and require BPJS Kesehatan services.

Therefore, arrears that cause inactive membership status must be paid immediately. However, if the arrears are large in value, it will be difficult for participants to pay at once.

This innovation that has been developed by BPJS Kesehatan, helps JKN participants to pay in installments. The program is called the Phased Payment Plan or REHAB.

How to pay BPJS Health in arrears with the REHAB program makes it easy for participants to remain active. So that participants who have been in arrears do not feel heavy to pay off and continue their membership.

Conditions for Paying Delinquent BPJS Fees

To be able to use the REHAB program, there are terms and conditions that must be met. Not all BPJS Health participants can enjoy this arrears installment program.

Restrictions on the beneficiaries of this REHAB program so that the cash flow received by BPJS can still be smooth. Some of the requirements that must be considered are as follows:

  • The BPJS participants include Non-Wage Receiving Workers or Non-Workers who have been in arrears of contributions.
  • Participants have arrears of 4 to 24 months.
  • Participants have registered on the Mobile JKN application or registered their account with the Care Center managed by BPJS Kesehatan.
  • Participants pay arrears in installments through the REHAB program.
  • Registration can be done until the 28th of the current month.
  • Maximum installments are paid in 12 tranches.

How to Pay for Delinquent BPJS Health

After understanding what the REHAB program is and being eligible for this program, then start to prepare for payment. How to pay for BPJS Health that is in arrears with the REHAB program can be done with the following steps:

  • Install the JKN Mobile application and log in to the application.
  • Select the REHAB Program (Phased Payment Plan).
  • After that, detailed REHAB program information will appear including the amount of arrears, terms and conditions of the program.
  • The application will show a simulation of the bill that needs to be selected by the delinquent participant.
  • Read carefully the information and conditions listed.
  • Check the agree column on the terms and conditions.
  • After success, participants can start paying arrears installments through the payment method that has been determined.

After starting to make installment payments for at least 6 months, participants can reactivate their membership status. This is lighter than the previous requirement of having to pay off 24 months of installments first.

If the participant is not eligible for the REHAB program, they can pay the arrears through the usual method. Payment methods for BPJS Health contributions can be through ATMs, i-banking, or marketplaces that are connected to BPJS Health.

Such is the explanation of how to pay BPJS Kesehatan in arrears. After successfully making arrears payments, participants can get back the benefits and services they need.

Therefore, do not hesitate to check the status of membership and also check if there are arrears owned. With the ease of installments that have been provided, participants can easily restore their membership status.