7 Ways to Pay PBB (Indonesian Property Tax) Online West Java

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PBB is a state tax on land and buildings. The tax is required to be paid every year. Here, we will discuss how to pay taxes online in West Java easily and hassle-free of course.

Nowadays, paying taxes does not need to queue at the relevant office. Because, it can be done online. The existence of the system makes it easier for taxpayers to pay their taxes. Just using a cell phone, taxes can already be paid.

Below will be given various ways to pay taxes in a simple way that is online. For more details, let’s follow the full tutorial!

1. Through Indomaret

PBB can also be paid through Indomaret outlets. Yep, all Indomarets in West Java provide this service. So, just come to Indomaret and pay the tax. Here is the complete tutorial:

  • Go to the nearest Indomaret outlet in West Java or surrounding areas.
  • Then just come directly to the cashier and inform the size of the bill from the object or building.
  • Then the cashier will check the data and will provide information on the amount of the tax bill.
  • Then the taxpayer can make a payment in cash or debit.
  • Next the cashier will print a receipt or proof of the payment.
  • Save the receipt as proof of tax repayment.
  • Taxes have been paid with ease and simplicity.

2. Through Tokopedia App

In addition to shopping, the Tokopedia application can also be used to pay PBB tax. Of course, this is very easy and profitable. Below will be described in more detail about how to pay PBB from this application:

  • Download the Tokopedia app first if you don’t already have it.
  • Then create an account or you can also directly log into an account that has been created before.
  • Then on the application page look for the “PBB Online” menu.
  • If you have found the menu, then enter the PBB object number correctly.
  • After that, the details of the number will automatically appear, including the details of the payment.
  • Next click the “Pay” menu and choose the most suitable payment method.
  • If so, the application will process the payment and will send proof of payment as well.

3. Through Traveloka App

The next way to pay PBB online in West Java can also be by using the Traveloka application. So, the application is not only for booking vacation tickets. However, it can also be used to pay PBB. Here are the complete steps:

  • Open the Traveloka app and log in using the account you have created.
  • Make sure the app you are using is version 3.1 and above.
  • After that, just enter the “Bills” menu and select the “Top Up” option again.
  • Then select the “PBB” menu or option again, then select the appropriate payment region, for example the West Java region.
  • Next, enter the tax object number correctly and also accordingly.
  • Select the year of the tax payment and immediately make a payment with the selected method.
  • The Traveloka application will provide proof of tax payment, keep the proof of payment.

4. Through Shopee App

The next way to pay PBB online in West Java is to use the Shopee application. This application can also be used to pay for various things, so not only for shopping. Here are the steps:

  • Open and log in to the Shopee app using the appropriate account.
  • Then simply find the “Top Up and Bills” menu and select the “PBB Tax” option again.
  • Enter some data, such as the name of the region, the year of payment, and also the tax object number.
  • Then click the “Check Bill” menu and the details of the bill will immediately appear.
  • Then make the payment using the desired method.
  • The tax has been paid and you should keep the proof of payment.
  • The proof is very important and should not be lost.

5. Through ATM

The next way to pay PBB online in West Java can also be using an ATM machine. Various types of ATMs can be utilized to pay taxes easily. The following will explain in detail how to pay PBB through an ATM machine. Here are the steps:

  • Go to the ATM machine or outlet according to the bank used.
  • Then insert the card and don’t forget to enter the pin number correctly.
  • Then select the “Payments” menu and select the “Taxes” menu again.
  • After that, also enter the corresponding tax object number and also select the year of payment.
  • Next, the details of the tax bill that must be paid by the building will immediately appear.
  • Next, you can click the “Pay” menu and the balance on the ATM card will be automatically deducted.
  • The ATM machine will issue a receipt of proof of payment, it’s best to keep the proof because it is very important.

6. Through Mobile Banking

Currently, some banks also provide online PBB payment service through mobile banking system. However, not all banks provide this service and only certain banks. To use this method, you can use the following tutorial:

  • Open the mobile banking app on your phone.
  • Then on the page you can directly select the “Payment” menu.
  • On that menu, choose the “Tax or MPN” menu.
  • Then choose the “Debit Account” menu and don’t forget to select the tax year to be paid.
  • Enter the pay code, for this pay code each region has a different code.
  • After that, enter the tax object number correctly as well.
  • Next, the details of the bill will appear and just make a tax payment.
  • Typically the payment will be automatic and the balance in the account will be deducted.
  • The application will also provide a notification or proof of payment of the tax.
  • It is better to save the proof of payment by capturing the screen on the cellphone.

7. Through the Official Website

There is also a way to pay PBB online in West Java through an official website. Usually the site is created by the government, so it is definitely safe. Here’s how to use the official website from the government:

  • If you are going to pay PBB West Java then do a search on the search site “PBB Online West Java”.
  • Typically, the official website of the PBB online will immediately appear.
  • Then create an account from this site first, the way is to choose the menu “Register PBB” which is usually on the top right.
  • Enter the tax object number and also the name of the tax owner correctly.
  • Then the site will verify the data that has been entered.
  • After that, if it passes the verification, the site will send a link to pay the tax.
  • Open the link and download the link, so that you can use it to pay taxes.

That’s 7 ways to pay PBB online West Java with simple, easy, and practical. So, when you want to pay PBB easily, you can use one of the methods or techniques described above.

The online system makes it easier for taxpayers to make tax payments on time. Thus, taxpayers can pay taxes exactly according to the time.

Taxpayers also do not need to bother coming to the office to queue, because everything can be done online. The method used is also arguably simple and can be done by anyone including for beginners.