6+ Traveling Supplies Business Ideas for Indonesian Market

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Traveling equipment business ideas can be an opportunity because a lot of traveling is done nowadays. Many people like traveling because they are looking for themselves.

Trying and discovering new things is also one of the reasons people like traveling. Through traveling, insights are also more developed and curiosity disappears.

Traveling can make money. You can become a travel blogger, or become a YouTuber. Therefore, opening a traveling equipment business is profitable.

6 Traveling equipment business ideas

1. Travel Wallet

The first traveling equipment business idea that you can try is a travel wallet. Because the travel wallet is also one of the important equipment when traveling. This special wallet is deliberately designed to make your outing more relaxed.

2. Hydration Backpack

Hydration backpacks are also an idea of traveling equipment that you can try. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a quality hydration backpack. There are many branded hydration backpacks that are pocket-friendly. Your merchandise will also sell faster.

3. Windbreaker Jacket

For those of you who like to travel nature, a windbreaker jacket is one of the must-have equipment. Because windbreaker jackets can protect you from wind and cold air. There are several brands of windbreaker jackets that you can sell.

4. Gorilla Pod

Gorilla Pod is also a device that is widely used when traveling. You can choose it as a traveling equipment business. The Gorilla Pod is a multifunctional tripod that holds your camera upright. You can also take better pictures.

5. Polaroid Camera

Traveling without documentation is like a vegetable without seasoning. For this reason, a camera is one of the must-have items. There are currently many choices of Polaroid cameras because you can print the results immediately.

6. Mountain Sandals

Mountain sandals are also an equipment that is often chosen. These mountain sandals are perfect for those of you who have a hobby of traveling nature, such as climbing. Mountain sandals themselves can be used for women to men. You can offer both because the market share is very large.


Those are some business ideas for traveling equipment that you can choose to start or develop your business. Hopefully it will be useful.