5 Characteristics of a Damaged Car Shockbreaker

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Please note that the car shockbreaker plays an important role in the suspension structure of the car. This is because the main performance of the car shockbreaker is to absorb the excessive shock caused by the tires and peripherals of the car.

Over time, the car shockbreaker will find its end of duty. The symptoms of a weakened car shockbreaker can be felt by yourself. In general, after passing through bumpy roads, the car will swing more. This is because the car’s shockbreaker can no longer dampen the reflection of the per. So it swings more.

When viewed from a physical condition, a car shockbreaker that has begun to weaken will usually have oil seepage on the outside. The oil that has seeped indicates that the car shockbreaker is not maximally absorbing the reflection of the per. This is because the reflection of the per is dampened by the hydraulic properties of the car shockbreaker oil.

These are the characteristics of a damaged car shockbreaker

1. The car feels very shaky on uneven roads

You feel the car shaking harder than usual. When passing through a pothole or over a fairly high bump, the car feels like it is swaying more than once.

You can also check this by pressing down on one side of your car, such as the trunk, and then quickly releasing it. If there is more than one bounce, it is suspected that the shockbreaker is weak.

2. The physical shape of the shockbreaker changes

The physical shape of the car shockbreaker that looks bent due to impact also indicates damage to the car shockbreaker tube. This is a sign that your car’s shockbreaker is no longer suitable for use.

When a car shockbreaker is damaged, the damping process is not perfect. Therefore, making the vibration damping process weak, the tires will have less grip on the road during sudden braking.

3. Collapsed car body appearance

A weak car shockbreaker will make the body look lower than before. This is because the car shockbreaker is not strong enough to withstand the weight of the car body itself and the weight of the number of passengers in the car.

4. The car is difficult to control when on the road

An example of a car that is difficult to control is when you drive on a road with many bends, the car becomes difficult to maneuver and drive normally because the car becomes swaying.

5. Uneven surface of car tires

The last special feature is that the surface or tread of your car tires will start to look uneven, that is, one side will appear higher than the other. If there are signs like that, it means that the car’s shockbreaker has been damaged but still used for a long time.


This is an article about the characteristics of a weak car shockbreaker, you should immediately replace the new shockbreaker for safety and comfort when driving. Consult your favorite car repair shop immediately if the above characteristics occur in your car.