How to Pay Shopee with DANA to Shop in Indonesian Marketplace

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Shopee is an application that can be used to shop for various needs. Usually for payments can use various methods, such as using the Dana application. Here, we will provide the most practical how to pay Shopee with Dana.

The existence of this system makes transactions at Shopee even easier. The user does not need to make payments in cash. Because, it has been paid online through the Dana application.

This certainly benefits the Shopee user. To find out how, you can pay attention to the tutorial that will be described below.

Requirements for Payment Through Funds

Before knowing how to pay Shopee with Dana, as a user, you must also know what are the requirements in order to make payments from Dana. The following will mention the conditions that must be met by the Shopee user:

1. Upgraded Account

For the first requirement, make sure the Dana application is in the latest version. Because, if it is still in the old version, it usually cannot be used to make payments. So, make sure the account has been updated first.

In updating it, you can go directly to the Play Store. Search for the app and just click update. The application will immediately be updated to the latest version. After that, it can be used for Shopee payments.

2. Have Enough Funds

The second requirement is to have enough funds in the Dana app. Make sure that the amount of money in Dana is enough to make a payment at Shopee. You don’t want to end up placing an order and not having enough money.

Before making a transaction at Shopee, check first whether the money is enough or not. So, when making a payment, it will be done easily and also not fail. However, there will usually be an administration fee as well.

How to Pay Shopee Through Funds

When doing shopping activities at Shopee, Shopee users can make payments through the Dana application. This can be done if you do not have an account to make payments. To make a payment through Dana, you can follow this tutorial:

1. Access Shopee App

The first step is to access the Shopee application. To access the Shopee application, you can do it in the way that will be described below:

  • Download the Shopee app first.
  • Sign in using the account that will be used for shopping.
  • Then you will usually see the Shopee main page.
  • Then users can directly search for items they want to buy.
  • Search with the most suitable keywords.
  • Search with the most suitable keywords.

2. Select Item

The user also needs to select the desired item. Make sure to select the items correctly and also accordingly. To select items, you can use the steps below:

  • Search for items, by writing the name of the item or even the store.
  • After that, several desired items will appear.
  • Then just click on the appropriate item.
  • Then you can select the “Buy Now” option and continue to select “Add to Cart”.
  • Next can directly choose the payment method.

3. Choose Payment Method

How to pay Shopee with the next Dana is by choosing a payment method. There are various payment methods, the user can choose the most suitable one. Here are the steps to choose it:

  • After doing the “Checkout” process, the user must also choose his/her payment method.
  • Before choosing the payment method, make sure the item is correct.
  • Make sure the address used is also correct.
  • Then choose “Payment Method” and then select “BRI Bank Transfer”.
  • Next click on the “Create Order” menu and a virtual number will appear and copy the number.

4. Open Dana App

If you have made a transaction on the Shopee app, then it’s time to make a payment on the Dana app. The payment process must be done by opening the app first. To open it, you can do the following:

  • Open the Dana app, make sure it’s already on your phone.
  • Make sure there are enough funds to pay for shopping transactions at Shopee.
  • Then log in using the account that will be used to pay.
  • Usually you can log in using your cell phone number.
  • Then enter the appropriate pin as well in order to log in.

5. Make Payment

If you have entered the account from the Dana application, you can immediately make payments easily. To make the payment process, users can use the easy tutorial below:

  • On the main page of the Dana app, users can simply select the “Send” option.
  • Next, users can also choose the “Send To Bank Account” option.
  • Then choose the “Bank BRI” option again and paste the virtual number that has been copied before.
  • Next, fill in the “Fill in Alias” menu with the user’s name or it can be the name of the shop.
  • After that, you can directly select the “Add New Bank” menu again.
  • Then fill in the nominal that matches the nominal or total shopping done at Shopee.
  • Then a history or summary of the transfer will appear, if it is correct then just click the “Confirm” menu.
  • Don’t forget to also enter the appropriate and correct Dana pin.
  • Typically the Dana application will bring up a notification that the payment has been completed.
  • The payment has been successful and the purchased item will be sent immediately.

The Advantages of Using Funds

There are several advantages in making Shopee payments through the Dana application. After knowing how to pay Shopee with Dana above, it is also necessary to know some of the advantages. The following will be explained clearly and concisely:

1. Secure

The first advantage is that it is certainly safe. Payments made are unlikely to be sent to other accounts. However, provided that the account used is correct and there are sufficient funds to make the payment.

This application can be used to pay for shopping transactions, which are quite a lot. The money will be sent safely, and there is no need to carry a lot of money to make cash payments.

2. No Bank Account Required

Payments through Dana can be utilized by users who do not have a bank account. The reason is, payment from Dana does not need to use a bank account from the user. It is enough to use the Dana number only.

Of course this will benefit the user. Apart from Dana, you can also make payments without a bank account through other methods. Such as through Alfamart outlets. You can also use the COD system.

So, that’s the easiest and most practical way to pay Shopee with Dana. So, the user can make payments at Shopee quickly. No need to leave the house, you can already make shopping transactions practically and not complicated.

If you want to make payments through Dana, then you can use the method above. There are several conditions for being able to make Shopee payments from Dana. In addition, there are various advantages in making Shopee payments from the Dana application.

Users no longer need to be confused if they want to shop at Shopee, but do not have a bank account. Because, now there are many payment methods without having to use a bank account. It can be with Dana, COD, or it can also be through retail outlets.