How to Solve the Most Powerful Ngehang Laptop Screen

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Today, it turns out that there are many ways to overcome the laptop screen hang can be done independently, without the need to ask for help to the Laptop service place. If the laptop has hung like this, of course it will greatly hamper users when doing activities on a laptop.

It’s just a hang and also not a serious problem, but many laptop users complain because of this one problem. And ngehang that occurs in laptops, can be caused by many things, one of which is an old laptop.

Even many now some programs are heavy and difficult to access so it is easy to make hang. So that this will not happen, then you can see some of the ways that can be done below:

1. Try Clear BIOS cache

How to deal with the first and most effective laptop screen is through BIOS. For more details, see some of the steps that can be done below:

  • When the laptop is hanging, you should immediately restart the laptop.
  • But if you can’t, please do a force shutdown by pressing and holding the power button.
  • If the laptop is dead, restart it, enter Bios by clicking f12, f11, f8 or other keys according to the laptop.
  • If you have entered, please select the Advanced BIOS Features menu.
  • Then find the one that relates to BIOS Cache and then disable it.
  • If so, please click Enter and turn on the laptop again.

2. Try Using the End Task Window Method

Maybe the laptop ngehang will often be experienced when opening some large applications, such as chrome or word. Usually when opening the application, the not responding text will appear and this usually happens for quite a while.

Indeed, things like this make laptop users can be hampered if they are doing activities. However, it turns out that this problem is still mild and to overcome it, you can refer to the following description:

  • Please press and hold simultaneously the Shift+CTRL+Esc key.
  • If so, go to the Task Manager menu and press End Task on the program that is not responding.
  • After that, usually the laptop will run normally again.
  • However, if it still hangs, the problem might be that the program is corrupted or can’t run anymore.

3. Try Checking Starting Windows

It turns out that hangs don’t just happen when the laptop is on because this can happen when booting. Thus, of course, when you turn on the laptop, it will take a long time. As for the steps, you can see the following:

  • If the main problem is due to viruses or damage, of course you can scan the registry with CCleaner or antivirus.
  • If it still happens, maybe the RAM is dirty and please clean the RAM with a rubber eraser or a vacuum cleaner.
  • And if you still have problems, please check the motherboard and if it is damaged, of course, please replace it.

4. Please Perform Error Checking and Drive Defragment Method

How to overcome the laptop screen ngehang can also do Error Checking and Defragment Drive. This will certainly be able to monitor whether the files on the laptop have problems or not.

Drive Defragment is used to see the files on the Hard Disk organized. However, the main problem is when the Local Disk C Driver is not organized. For that, here are some steps that can be done to overcome this, including:

  • Please click when in Local Disk D.
  • Then select properties.
  • Then select the tools option then click Check in the Error Checking section.
  • After that, just click on the optimize option in Optimize and Defragment Drive.
  • On the disk that you want to optimize, just click Optimize.

Need to know that to overcome laptop hangs in this way can indeed be done automatically only on some laptops. However, don’t forget to make sure again by manually defragmenting.

5. Try the Driver Update Method

For how to solve the next ngehang laptop screen, that can be with Windows driver updates because it may be an error driver. This can also replace the old driver with a new one.

It’s just that many users don’t know how. No problem, then please see the following:

  • Please right-click on This PC for Windows 10 or 8 laptops, while on Windows 7 you can right-click My Computer.
  • Then please select Manage.
  • If so, right-click on Disk Drives and select Update Driver Software.
  • However, for laptop users with Windows 7, just try the properties section to update the driver.

6. Try to Test Conditions on RAM

If it still hangs, it could be that the RAM size is not large enough. Heavy applications certainly need hardware that is also qualified so it is necessary to upgrade the RAM so that when running the application can run smoothly.

However, there are different cases because there is a large RAM, but still unable to store such a large program. So, you should now do Windows Memory Diagnostics and here are the steps:

  • Please press Windows + R at the same time.
  • If you have, please type the command type mdsched.exe and then enter.
  • Then select the Restart now and check for problems (recommended) button.
  • If so, of course in a moment the diagnostic results appear then the laptop will restart by itself.

7. Try Rebooting the laptop

The last way to be able to overcome a ngehang laptop can certainly be by rebooting the laptop. This method is indeed very simple, but indeed this method is the most effective and is widely used by people.

By rebooting of course the laptop will later reprocess from the beginning again. This can also overcome the error when booting the first laptop.

The method is also easy, it’s just that few know. No problem, then see some steps that can be done below:

  • Please click start on the bottom left corner.
  • Then click the power menu.
  • After that, of course, the toga options will appear, namely sleep, shut down and restart.
  • Because this time you want to reboot please click restart and wait for the results to finish.
  • If so, of course, please restart the laptop.


Such was related to what are the most effective ways to overcome the laptop screen hang. So, how is it after doing a series of methods above does the laptop no longer hang?

If the above method works, of course you can do this again if the laptop freezes again one day. However, if all of the above methods fail, maybe it’s time to bring the laptop to the experts, namely the service provider.

Because basically every laptop has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, it’s okay if the method above doesn’t work because maybe only the experts can handle it properly.