9 Games for 512 Ram Potato Phone, Still Fun & Addictive

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Gaming has now dominated the digital market and the focus is not only on gaming phones. Therefore, the gaming market share for 512 ram potato phones must also be increased.

All people do have the same rights and are free to play games on any device. However, not everyone has the opportunity to own a gaming device.

Therefore, game designers and publishers should also consider and pay more attention to HP potato gamers. Here is a collection of games that are suitable for HP potatoes, among others:

1. Clash Royale

It is important to note that potato phone users tend to feel confused when installing games that match their phone specifications. Please note that currently, there are various types of games available for 512 ram potato phones.

One of the suitable games to play on HP ram 512 is the game clash royale. Surely everyone already knows this game.

It is because this game is quite famous among those who like to play games. This clash royale, is a strategy game that can be played with other players.

The player of this game, will be required to create the best strategy in a one-on-one duel. In addition to determining the strategy, players are also expected to determine the character that will be used when dueling one on one.

2. Soulcraft

Today there are various games that can be played for 512 ram potato HP. If you want to play a game with good graphics then play the soulcraft game.

Need to know that, this one game can be played offline. This game is included in a line of RPG games that have interesting game play and storylines.

When playing this game you will be invited to adventure into a dark world full of monsters. In this case, players are tasked with defeating these monsters with the aim of raising the player’s level.

3. 8 Ball Pool

There are certainly many people who love sports games. One of the games in the sports genre for 512 ram potato phones is 8 ball pool.

It should be noted that this game is inspired by the real world game of billiards. That is because this game is played like billiards in the real world.

In this game, players need to get all the balls into the hole. When all the balls have entered the hole, the player will be declared a winner.

To add to the excitement of this game provides a 1 vs 1 system. Where in that system players are allowed to challenge friends or other people.

4. Temple Run

As we know that technology is growing from year to year. The existence of this technological development, makes people start looking for fun by playing games on cell phones.

Even so, there are some HPs with minimal specifications that can only play certain games. Temple run is one of the games that is suitable for 512 GB RAM. Please note that this game can be played both offline and online.

When playing this game, you will be faced with obstacles that must be passed. Many people think that temple run games are easy to play. But in fact this game requires concentration when playing it.

5. Slither.io

Today there are various popular games that can be played on all types of android phones. Surely everyone knows this one game.

It is because this game slither.io has become a trend in the last year. Many players think that this game is quite fun to play even though the game controls are very simple.

Need to know that this game has a system of controlling and raising small snakes using orbs around the player. That way the controlled snake gets bigger and longer.

Larger snakes can eat smaller snakes. That way the snake will grow bigger and bigger. The bigger the snake, the more likely it is to achieve a high score.

6. Modern Sniper

Some people love shooting type games. One of the shooting games that can be played on a potato HP with 512 GB of ram is the modern sniper game.

In this game players are assigned as snipers. Because the role as a sniper makes the weapon used is a sniper.

In order for the game to have an interesting impression, this game presents missions that must be completed. Modern sniper games are among the games with the best graphics that can be played on HP with minimal specifications.

Moreover this game can be obtained at playstore for free. Players can download this game on Playstore/AppStore

7. Skater Boy

It’s worth noting that most people are looking for casual games with easy to understand gameplay. Skater boy is one such game that is often played.

This is because, this game is included in the type of game that has an easy way to play to learn. Besides having an easy way to play, this game can also be downloaded on PlayStore for free.

To download it you only need a quota of 10 MB. This game tasks the player to drive the skateboard at high speed.

Even so the player must get as many stars as possible. Of course, the stars that must be obtained cannot be obtained easily. This is because players must pass various obstacles by jumping.

8. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a favorite game of many. This is because this game is considered easy to play, and this game can be played for all groups. Keep in mind that this game has been around for years.

In this game players are tasked with moving candies so that they form the same pattern. Although it looks easy but in fact this game is difficult to play.

This is because the difficulty of this game will continue to increase at each level. So that not a few players who stop at certain levels.

9. Gunship Strike 3D

One of the suitable games to play on 512 GB ram potato HP is gunship strike 3D. This game, can be played by directing the helicopter to destroy the opponent’s base.

Games for 512 ram potato phones still have a fairly wide market. It is very important for developers to keep making games that are aimed at various groups. The goal of making games should also target the equality of players and not discriminate against consumers.

This is because all players are entitled to entertainment services. The more a game company pays attention to all players from all walks of life, the more widely recognized the company will become. This is because all players are entitled to entertainment services.

This is a principle that cannot be separated from the fact that public judgment is very influential. By giving more attention, it is hoped that the game-making company will get positive appreciation.