7 RPG Potato HP Games, Suitable for Low Spec Android

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Basically, RPG games are often associated with cellphones that have high specs when in fact there are potato cellphone RPG games that can be played. But of course don’t expect too much with the graphics in it. Because it is adjusted to a 1 GB ram capacity.

Indeed, there are some RPG games that have low specs, so you can try using potato cellphone users. But the most important thing is not to expect too much graphics in it. Because of course it will be far compared to high-spec RPG games.

Even so there is no harm in trying. Because after all, every game has its own excitement. So it doesn’t matter even on a potato cellphone. Here’s a list of potato hp rpg games that you can try:

1. Zenonia 5 – Low Spec Potato RPG Game

The first RPG game that can be played on a potato cellphone is the Zenonia 5 game which can even be played on a ram 1 cellphone. For the download size itself is around 46 MB. So it is suitable for use on cellphones with small storage.

So that the game can run optimally, then use an Android device with Android type 2.2 or the type above. To play this game itself is free so there is no need to buy applications or features in it. So naturally many people download it.

In this game users will find four characters that can be selected to play. Although this game is light, it is also equipped with a pretty good graphic quality. But to play this game, users must remain online.

2. Soulcraft 2 – Only 48 mb, Can Already Play Android RPG Games

In the second place there is another RPG game that can also be played on a potato cellphone because of its very light size. Because this game only has a download size of about 48 mb. So it is not too burdensome.

Even cooler, this game can be run on cellphones with Android 2.3 type so it does not require using a cellphone with high specs. Of course this is an advantage of this game. Games that can be played for free are also an advantage.

There are seven angels as characters that can try to play. So in this game there will be a war between the angels of heaven and hell. The graphics are also quite good even though the size is light.

3. Chrono Trigger – Paid RPG Android Game for HP Potato

There is still a third potato cellphone RPG game, which is a game called Chrono Trigger. Games that can be played on this potato cellphone do have a fairly light and small size. Even this game also gets the nickname of the best game of all time.

Chrono Trigger was originally launched in 1995 so it is an old game. But even so, this game is still worth a try for those who like RPG games but only have a potato cellphone. In it, there are also many interesting features to play.

So, in this game later users will be able to change or reduce the time until they can trace the journey in the age of dinosaurs and even in the age of robots. For the game design used was made by Akira Toriyama who is the creator of dragon ball.

The size of this game can also be considered because it is only about 538 MB with a minimum android capacity of 2.2. Unfortunately this game is not free and requires users to purchase it. The price of this game itself is 149,000.

4. Inotia 4 – Light Android RPG Game, Suitable for Low Spec

In the next order there is a game called Inotia 4 which can also be played on potato phones. The size of this game itself is quite small, because it is only about 61 MB. The size is certainly very small compared to some of the games that have been mentioned.

The minimum android spec or type so that this game can run optimally is android type 2.2. Even cooler, users can play this game for free. So users will also not be burdened to buy games must subscribe.

The concept in this game is a fun adventure. The task to be completed is to find mercenaries who can be taken on an adventure. So that in the fight the character played is not lonely.

5. Reaper – Potato HP Android Game, Lightweight Only 21 MB

Fifth there is a potato hp rpg game called Reaper. The size of the Reaper game is also very small, so it can be used on even potato phones. Because the download size itself is around 21 MB only. So it’s appropriate if it’s very light.

Even so, this game can be optimally played on Android with a minimum type of 4.0 or higher. If it’s less than that, it might still be downloadable, it’s just that the game might not run optimally. But most importantly this game is free.

In this game carries the concept like Mario of old. To control this game itself is quite easy, because the control is a little limited and is on the left and right. Even so there are some beautiful animated characters to play.

6. Eternium – RPG Game for Android 4.0

In sixth place is a game called Eternium which can also be used on potato phones even on one GB of RAM. In it users will find various roles or characters that can be played. So users can try to choose one of them.

This action genre game also presents pretty good graphics. So that it will still make every player addicted to playing this game. A fairly light download size is also an option because it is only about 135 MB.

If you want to play this game, try the Android type used is type 4.0 or using a higher type. For the download of this game itself is free and can be through the play store. It’s just that there are in-app purchases.

7. Battleheart Legacy – Small Size RPG Game for Android

The last hp potato RPG game that will be reviewed this time is a game called Battleheart Legacy. The size of this game is quite small because it is only about 29 MB. So this game will still be smoothly played on a potato cellphone though.

The concept used in this game itself is an animation theme. This action game also provides various dialogs that will not make the game monotonous. Like dialogs that contain funny things or other things. In addition, the animation used is also very realistic.

Unfortunately this game cannot be downloaded for free, because users must buy it first using a google play store voucher. But even though it is paid, users will still be able to feel the excitement in it. Moreover, this game has an action theme so that players are not bored.


Thus is a review of several potato hp rpg games that users can try to play or just as a reference. Users only need to choose one of the games that are interesting to play. But make sure you still have enough storage space.

For more information about the game you want to play, you can try reading the disclaimer. Disclaimer is usually written by the developer to provide complete information about the game. The play store is also usually equipped with a complete description of the game.