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7 Online Potato HP Games, Still Can Mabar Even though HP Low Spec

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Gaming can be a fun way for some people to spend their free time. Unfortunately, owners of phones with low specifications are often constrained by storage size. But players don’t need to worry, because now there are quite a lot of online Hp potato games that can be played.

Compared to online games, there are more games that can be played offline. However, games played with an internet connection are considered more exciting and interesting.

One can play in multiplayer while chatting. Either through chat or by voice. Players can even help each other with weapons, lives, and more. One can play multiplayer while chatting either through chat or by voice.

Therefore, this article will recommend games for mobile phones with low specifications or 2 GB RAM. So players can play games without being constrained by storage and lagging due to running out of memory. Here’s a selection of games to try:

1. Garena Free Fire

Many are familiar with the PUBG Mobile game, which is already popular in foreign countries including Indonesia. Even if you have never downloaded the game on your phone, you must know the game Free Fire.

Although it is famous for its large storage, it turns out that there is also a similar online potato mobile game called Garena Free Fire. The playing system is not much different, where players must fight with opponents.

Each session will end if each player can eliminate all enemies without being hit. Because if you are hit, you will definitely lose or die.

In this one game, players can buy character skins, clothes, weapons, and so on using Diamonds. The way to get diamonds is by topping up or participating in matches.

This Garena International developer release can be downloaded by players with Android phone specifications of at least 4.0.3 with a size of 63 MB. Quite light and will not make it slow.

It has been downloaded by more than 100 million users on the Play Store. What are you waiting for? Please play it too even though the graphics are not as good as PUBG Mobile.

2. Clash Of Clans

An online potato mobile game recommendation that is also popular is COC or Clash of Clans. This game is an old game, so there are many downloaders.

How to play is fairly exciting, where players will be trained to make strategies in making a village. At the same time, it provides military training for the clans in it, so that they can defend the territory if one day there is an enemy.

To expand territory, players who are leaders can attack other villages. If they do, their territory will grow as their army increases.

There are missions to be completed in the COC game that are addictive and curious. Because it has simple graphics and gameplay, it doesn’t require a lot of storage space. But it’s still fun to play.

The only drawback is the lengthy process of upgrading either buildings or troops manually. If you have money, then just top up.

3. PUBG Lite

PUBG Mobile also has a Lite version, which can be played on phones with RAM specs below 2 GB. There is no difference in the way the game is played, as well as the characters because it is made by the same developer.

There are only differences in features offered such as a maximum of 60 players. Whereas the normal version can be played multiplayer up to 100 players. For the appearance of the graphics is also not good.

However, quite a lot of people choose the Lite version because of various reasons ranging from limited storage space to little internet usage. Even with 1GB of RAM, players can download it without any issues.

4. PES 2019

If the previous is an online potato mobile game with a battle royale theme, then this fourth recommendation, suitable for football lovers. Just like competing in soccer on the field, players will create a strategy to win the game.

Not only can be played online, offline can still be played excitingly. With the specifications of a 2 GB RAM cellphone, Android at least 5.0 and 82 MB of storage space, players can already play PES 2019 games.

Follow every competition in the game to enjoy the fun of playing. Guaranteed not to be slow, even though using a potato phone.

5. Asphalt Nitro

An online potato phone game worth trying is Asphalt Nitro. A car racing game that can be played without an internet connection and offers pretty good graphics. Though the storage size is very small, making it suitable for light spec phones.

However, if there is any interruption in the game such as slowdown or error, then the player can lower the graphic quality level. So there will be no effect, even if it is used on a potato phone.

The excitement of this racing game is that players must complete racing missions with a variety of obstacles. Later, level keys will be unlocked each time the player successfully passes each race in the level.

Each level, players can also purchase new cars with different designs and speeds. Use a car that suits the terrain to win the match.

6. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Want to play Mobile Legends, but your phone specs are low? Relax, this MOBA game turns out to be included in the list of recommended online Hp potato games. Because players can download it even if the cellphone RAM is 2 GB, because the storage size is only 95 MB. It can even be used on Android 4.0.

The game that is still excellent in all circles is indeed interesting to play. Not much different from PUBG Mobile games in general. ML also has a war theme where you have to defend your life.

To beautify the character and strengthen self-defense, the players must buy skins. Can be for free or top up with real money. Don’t forget to invite friends to make it more exciting.

7. Garena Speed Drifters

Just like the name suggests, this last recommended game is a car racing and fighting game. If players have tried the Mario Kart series of games, it will be easy to understand the Garena Speed Drifters game because it is almost similar.

Released in 2019, but it has had a pretty good reception. With over 10 million players downloading it now on the Play Store.

Only with low specifications, players do not need to worry about experiencing problems when playing. Because the download size is only 2.53 GB. Not big enough, compared to the previous recommended game.

Even so, it is comparable to the quality of the graphics offered. Although the quality level is low, the images are still good and comfortable to look at.

There are certainly many who have tried the recommended online potato Hp games above. Especially for Mobile Legend, Clash Of Clans, Garena Free Fire, and PES 2019. Although actually everything must have been tried, considering the game is quite popular.

It’s just that, players need to know that each of the above games, especially royale battles, is not suitable to be played on low specification cellphones. Why? Because it will definitely experience problems such as slow or hang.

This is triggered by the amount of data stored over time. Such as the increase in character items, clothing, weapons, and so on. All items require storage space in the game application without realizing it.