4 Ways to Open Blocked Sites Without Apps and VPNs

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How to Open Blocked Sites – As we all know, the government blocks many sites on the internet that are reportedly violated, such as the social networking site R*ddit, illegal movie download sites and others that are still blocked. government.

The impact of blocking sites like r*ddit is that those of us who live in Indonesia and use an Indonesian IP address cannot access the reddit site from a PC or Android.

There are actually many ways to access r*ddit or other government-blocked sites that we can use, but in this article I will explain how to access blocked sites without using applications such as VPN.

You only need to access government-blocked sites using a Google Chrome browser that has slightly changed the settings. I have practiced this method myself and can open the r*ddit site with a PC or Android.

How to Open Blocked Sites
1. How to open blocked sites on Android

First I will explain how to access blocked sites with Google Chrome Android, here is a complete guide:

1. Open Google Chrome Browser on Android

2. Please click the 3 dots in the top corner then select Settings

3. After that select Privacy and Security

4. Then select Use Secure DNS and press the switch button to On

5. Select Choose another provider

6. Click the down arrow in the Custom section then select the available DNS (here I choose Cloudflare)

7. Done, now try the test to open the Reddit site

If you follow all the steps above in the correct and proper order, government-blocked sites like r*ddit will open without any problem.

2. How to open blocked sites on Google Chrome PC

For those of you PC or Laptop users, here’s how to access blocked sites using a PC. Here I only use the Google Chrome browser as used on Android.

1. Please open your Google Chrome browser

2. Click the 3 dots sign in the upper right corner then select Settings

3. On the Privacy and Security menu please select Security

4. In the Advance section, enable Use Secure DNS

5. After that choose With Custom

6. In the custom section, click the down arrow then select the DNS you want to use, here I choose to use Cloudflare

7. Done, if the steps above are correct, the sites blocked by the government should be able to be opened smoothly.

3. How to Open Blocked Sites Using Opera Browser

How to access the next blocked site is by using the Opera browser. The Opera browser has a built-in VPN feature that you can directly use without installing any VPN application.

Using a VPN in the opera browser is very easy, here are the steps:

1. Open your Opera Browser

2. Press the VPN Icon in the Address Bar

3. Enable VPN

4. Select Virtual Location VPN

4. Using Custom IP Host

The next way is to unblock sites blocked by windows custom IP Host. You can do this for PC users, but don’t use the Google Chrome browser.

Here I give an example that the site that is blocked and wants to be opened is R*ddit.

The following is a tutorial on how to access the r*ddit site with a custom IP host on a PC with a Windows operating system.

1. Please open the Notepad program, find the start menu right-click then Run as Administrator.

2. Select the File menu then press Open

3. In File Name, enter the following text C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts then Enter

4. Paste the following code into Notepad, and place it on the bottom line i.r*dditmedia.com www.r*ddithelp.com g.r*dditmedia.com a.thumbs.r*dditmedia.com r*dditgifts.com i.redd.it old.r*ddit.com new.r*ddit.com r*ddit.com gateway.r*ddit.com oauth.r*ddit.com sendbird.r*ddit.com v.redd.it b.thumbs.r*dditmedia.com events.r*ddit.com stats.r*dditmedia.com www.r*dditstatic.com www.r*ddit.com pixel.r*dditmedia.com www.r*dditmedia.com about.r*ddit.com out.r*ddit.com

5. Select File then Save and please open the r*ddit site

Those are some tips on accessing sites blocked by the government affected by internet positive that we can share, hopefully the above tutorial is useful.

Use the above methods for positive purposes, such as accessing useful sites, but entering government-blocked sites such as R*ddit, anything that results from misuse of the tips above is not our responsibility.