How to Close Jenius Account Easily

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Here’s how to close a BPTN Jenius account that makes it easy for you to close your personal account.

After more than a year of using a genius account with various conveniences offered such as free transfer fees and virtual credit card functions.

In the end I decided to close my Genius account, the reason is simple, one of them is the 10,000 genius fee per month to use all genius features.

Even though I haven’t used these features in the past few months, I was still charged.

Reasons for Closing Jenius Account

In addition to the reason to pay, there are several other reasons that made me firmly decide to close my Jenius account:

Jenius App is Very Slow to Access

By the way, I also use BCA’s m banking, and the performance is very far. With a simple interface and true to its function, BCA’s m banking has never been a problem for me.

In contrast to genius, the application often crashes and is difficult to open, several times I failed to log in even though the password and PIN were correct.

Many user interfaces are redundant, which instead of pampering the user, confuse the user and make loading the app more difficult.

Lack of Customer Service Response

Here I will compare again with BCA Bank Customer Service which in my opinion is still the best at this time either via twitter or WA, all my questions are always answered well and satisfactorily.

For customer service genius I contacted many times via twitter the response was very unsatisfactory and asked me to directly contact CS through the live chat function or call directly.

Although the live chat feature was very slow, I had to wait for a long time to queue up and logged out several times due to lost connection.

Suggestion for the genius, develop the application to the maximum, do not need a strange appearance, the important thing is responsive, fast and not heavy in access.

Transaction Fee if Auto Debit Fails

This is also a feature that makes me want to close my genius account immediately because I will be charged 5,000 rupiah for every failed direct debit.

Jenius is indeed a powerful virtual credit card for making various online payments at home and abroad, but if you are not careful and your brilliant balance is lower than the amount you have to pay by direct debit, you will be fined.

Feesible Fee 10,000 Per Month

The last reason is actually the main reason I left Genius, I think the low fee of 10,000 per month is the highest compared to other banks with not much different features.

These are some of the reasons I want to close my genius account soon. For those of you who want to close my genius account, here are the steps you can take:

How to Close a Jenius Account

To close or deactivate your genius account, you can go directly to a BPTN Bank branch or directly contact genius customer service.

However, I chose to contact CS Genius to request account closure because the BPTN bank branch is quite far.

  1. Prepare your personal information such as your genius account number and ID card.
  2. Make sure you have enough credit because we call office phone numbers, we recommend buying a fixed package in advance so that the cost is cheaper.
  3. Call Jenius Customer Service at 1500365.
  4. Tell the officer that you want to close your Jenius account.
  5. Then the CS checks by asking for the Jenius account number, name, date of birth, mother’s name and the last remaining balance.
  6. After the data and account verification are complete, your jenius account closure will be processed in less than 1×24 working hours.
  7. If it is not possible within 1×24 hours, you must contact Customer Service again.

That was my personal experience while using a genius account until I finally decided to close my genius account.

Hopefully the way to close a genius account that I shared can be useful for those of you who also want to close a genius account.

This article is not intended to harm geniuses but is my personal opinion while using the genius application for approximately one year. Hope you find it useful. Thank you