8 Best Free Twitter Auto Followers Apps

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Twitter Auto Followers App – Recently, the social media Twitter has been discussed and the number of users is increasing rapidly. Twitter is widely used because it is considered simpler, more practical, and easier to get updated information through its trending features. The number of Twitter users in Indonesia also ranks 5th in the world after the US, Japan, India, UK, and Brazil with 15.05 million users based on statistical data.

Number of Twitter Users in 2021

With the growth of Twitter users, many users are also utilizing it to increase their business reach or promote the products they have. Approval activities are also growing rapidly and the rewards are quite high for getting greater engagement. If you’re a new Twitter user, or an existing user looking to increase the reach of your tweets, you obviously need a lot of followers. Gaining followers on twitter is actually not as easy as gaining followers on other social media, you often have to create useful, funny or entertaining tweets and it certainly takes a long time. <!- /wp:paragraph –> For those of you who want an instant way to get Twitter followers, you can use auto followers.

What are Twitter Auto Followers?

Autofollowers twitter is a way to add twitter followers automatically to our personal account, the usual way we do is by following or following other twitter accounts then we will get as many followers as the account we follow.

How to Increase Twitter Followers Without Following?

A question that often arises and is asked is can we add twitter followers without following? The answer is yes. technically it’s quite simple, at first you have to keep following first, and if you have enough followers, you can unfollow the accounts you want to unfollow. To add Twitter followers with auto-follow, you can use websites and apps. On this occasion we will share how to add twitter followers with a free twitter follower car application that you can try with an android cellphone.

Best Free Auto Followers App 2021

The following are free auto followers apps that you can try to increase your Twitter followers:

1. Followers+ for Twitter

The first application is Followers+ for Twitter, you can get this application for free on Google Playstore. The way this application works is that you simply log in with your twitter account then follow other accounts registered in the application, later the account will voluntarily follow your account. You can also unfollow other accounts directly from this application, this application is very easy to use, lightweight and certainly safe because it does not use bots.

2. Followers, Retweets & Likes For Twitter

The next app that can be used to add Twitter followers is Followers, Retweets & Likes. For Twitter, as the name implies, this app can not only add followers but can also be used to retweet and like. This app can add up to 100-200 Twitter followers per day for free. The way this app works is quite simple, users just need to enter their Twitter username and then enjoy all the features available to increase followers on Twitter.

3. Followu For Twitter

The next application is Followu For Twitter, using this application you can easily get new followers from Twitter. The way this application works is by promoting your account with this application in addition to getting free followers you can also get likes and retweets.

4. Tweet Booster

Next is the tweet booster application, this application can increase followers and likes on your twitter by collecting stars first. You can download this app for free from the playstore, you may have to wait for the likes and followers to hit your account.

5. TW Booster

The next Twitter Auto Followers application is Tw Booster, this application has a way of working that is not much different from the previous application. You simply follow other accounts suggested by this application then you will get stars, the stars you get you can exchange for followers who will follow your Twitter account.

6. Qlizz Twitter Autofollowers

Then you can use Qlizz, this website application offers a 100% free and fast Twitter autofollower feature up to 100,000 followers. You can simply log in with your Twitter account and follow the guide provided, the website is safe to use, but if you have any doubts, you can use a dedicated account for trial.

7. Follow Tools for Twitter

The Follow tools for twitter app is a recommendation for the following twitter autofollowers app, with this app you can also easily track which accounts you have followed but not followed . The app is 100% free with some interesting features such as knowing who just followed you, a list of blocked users, history graphs and support for up to 15 personal accounts.

8. TweetFull

Lastly there is Tweetfull, Tweetfull is a web-based application that works for free for automatic followers, automatic likes and automatic retweets. In addition to getting free followers, you can also increase your business conversions with scheduled promotions on this app. Other useful features in this app are Copy Followers which allows you to track accounts followed by your competitors, Engage Tweet by Keyword which allows you to maximize the reach of your tweets based on keywords or hashtags and much more. The app offers premium features that you can try if you are interested after using the trial feature. That’s 8 free Twitter Auto Followers applications that you can try, hopefully useful.